Monday, July 30, 2007

Cache Creek regulations

July 24, 2007.

We visited the Cache Creek area yesterday and found a lot of confusion about the requirements and regulations for the area. First, you need an additional bond from the BLM to work a highbanker in this area. DREDGING IS NOT ALLOWED! Panning, sluicing, and metal detecting can be done anywhere on the BLM portion of Cache Creek. Watch for private property and the working claims in the area. We also found that the BLM requirements did not allow prospectors to reuse limited water sources with their requirement that highbanking be 20 feet off a water source. We assume they are talking about the actual digging. There was a report that a dredge was in Cache Creek well out of the boundaries and downstream a bit. Those of you who choose to disobey the BLM regulations and requirements jeopardize the continued use of this area. The BLM can, and will, close this area to everyone if violations continue to happen. Since GPOC has been working with the BLM to open this area to the public, I have had the information on it on the GPOC Temp page at You can find the new info that was posted today at the bottom of that page for now.

Finding Mountain Gold

Speed Panning-loading the pan prior to a competitors run

July 17, 2007.
July is going by in a blur! We are getting ready for guests and getting away for another week of fun in the mountains finding gold. The July 27th newsletter will not go out due to time and internet connections. E-mail will be answered every couple of days as we find time to go to town and download it. Are you finding gold? We will be highbanking and metal detecting this trip along with meeting with friends and other prospectors. The Colorado State Gold Panning Championships are coming up quick! They will be held the first weekend in August in Breckenridge, Colorado. Come out and see some of the fastest panning in the state, or the country, for that matter. The Team competition is a blast with each person drawing for their place on each three man team. Three days of fun! Gold is holding this week in the $665 range. Watch the rivers in Colorado. They are still running pretty high.

Gold Trip to B.V.

June 29, 2007.

Well, I have downloaded two more specialty page scripts for the website, but have run out of time to work on them this week. One is a blog and the other the new shopping cart. The gold we found last weekend weighed in at around 4.5 grains of very chunky gold. Not too bad for goldpans. Spot closed today for the weekend at $647.50. Better go out and buy some before it heads back up! We are off to camp for the July Fourth week and will be busy with many activities. B.V. has a wonderful fireworks display each fourth, and we enjoy it most years. We will be checking e-mail and reporting here every day or two, so keep those cards and letters coming. Have a terrific Fourth of July Celebration wherever you are.

Breckenridge gold

June 26, 2007.

We spent a very warm day yesterday with friends in the Breckenridge area and came home with some VERY nice gold nuggets. Everyone there was successful in picking up the "pickers", with the largest one being around a quarter of an inch long, thick and chunky. Not bad for using the bucket classifier and pans. Friday evening will find us on our way to B.V. and a week off. The demo on the weekend was enjoyable and we all found a few treasures at the show to bring home with us. Have you been watching gold drop like a stone this morning? Right now it is sitting at around $640.00.