Friday, June 08, 2007

Hooked on Gold has moved

OMG!!! What a morning! I have changed servers,and everything went so fast that I didn't get my new home page up on the new server before everything went dark! If you were on the site about 11:00 this morning, it got yanked out from under you. Also, the old site is not redirected yet, and you get a blank page for that as well. What a mess. SOOOO sorry, but the pages will be much better in a month or so. Are you watching gold drop like a stone to around $645? I hear that Spain is dumping gold like mad. They have also started a lawsuit to get part of the new treasure found off the coast of England. The last time they did that, they WON! I hear they are desperate for money and part of the gold and silver haul from the wreck would really help. path to the old site will be We will be helping in the panning booth with GPR this weekend at the Arvada Gold Strike Festival in ole towne Arvada. Along with the fair will be the buffalo soldiers, mountain men, and President Teddy Roosevelt. Have a GREAT weekend.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Gold in Ghana

Thanks to T.L.E. International for allowing us to photograph their extensive cases of gold jewelry and exceptional emeralds.

Ghana, in medieval times, was known as "The City of Gold". Even today 2/3 of the population own gold and buy 18 - 21K gold at least once a year.

14K gold that is common in the U.S., is not even considered acceptable for jewelry in most of the rest of the world. Try to sell your 14K gold jewelry anywhere but here and you will be offered a small fraction of what you think it is worth. While I am in jewelry booths selling jewelry at fairs and gemshows, those who buy and collect gold seriously always ask the karat of the gold in the jewelry, and will hesitate to buy a piece that is even 18K. Design and quality of stones is not as important to them as the quality of the gold. In the Souk gold marketplace you can find tons of gold jewelry for sale on any given day with very little offered below 18K, and some of that can be bought below spot. Haggling is expected, and you may come away with a very good deal from someone who mines, refines, and fashions the gold themselves. A ticker on the price of gold runs continuously at the entrance to the multi leveled marketplace so that patrons are aware of today's price of gold. I don't know about you, but I'm sure I would be on overload at the mere sight of so much gold jewelry. Can you imagine a market half a mile square filled with gold jewelry? Would the sun be brighter in that place or the glow of gold? What a sight it must be! Find your own gold by visiting us to learn how, where, and what to use.