Sunday, January 02, 2011

A Happy and Golden New Year!

                                                            From the Souk in Dubai
Happy New Year to All! We have had an extremely busy holiday season, and the whole family was sick through half of it.  Flu shots are a good thing, but they only work partially when the bug has mutated away from the original. Still, the lesser version was WAY better than the full blown version the youngest son is battling now.

The New Year brought in plenty of blackeyed peas, beautiful sunrises, a clean house, snow the week after Christmas (so we didn't have to play the slip and slide while traveling), and a new job contract.  It is starting out pretty darned good for us!  We hope the same is true for you. 

All of this bodes well for a long and productive gold prospecting season this summer.  We plan to visit Arizona this winter, too, and do a little gold prospecting with friends while we are there.  Wish us luck at finding that yellow metal!

The mountains in Colorado have 130% of their winter snow pack already.  This could make for a very interesting year prospecting for gold in Colorado.  No new news yet on what the BLM and Forest Service is doing for the Arkansas River or the South Park area. 

Gold spot price closed on Friday at a resounding $1422.30, and silver was at $30.94.  Gold didn't quite make its' predicted $1500 for 2010, but the silver spot price surpassed most expectations. 

Off to a 50th Wedding Anniversary celebration this afternoon.  Glad to see you all here.  Hope the New Year sends you good things, including lots of YELLER GOLD!  (Sorry Ben, I couldn't resist). LOL!

Good Prospecting to You,