Saturday, August 18, 2012

Summer Gold Prospecting in Colorado

Happy end of summer to you all! It has been a long summer for us in many ways, and yet it has gone by quickly at the same time.  I am trying out a new format for the blog that seems to be working out well.  I have made several posts to it and it is easier to use than blogger, so I will be working on embedding it into the site later this Fall.  

Gold closed yesterday at $1615.80, which is up a bit since the beginning of summer.  Predictions are that it could go to $2500, but I think that is too optimistic before the elections.  December....well, I will have to wait and see.

We have been very busy with helping a parent with health issues this Spring and half the Summer.  A back surgery and kidney issues, as well as other family obligations, has kept me away from the blog for too long.  I even wrote one and then did not have the time to post it!

We have made connections with an old friend, Phil Martinez, who runs Vista Mining Adventures, and has started providing a pay for use area on his claims on the Arkansas River.  We have enjoyed our time there this summer dredging and pulling the fine gold we find there out of the river.  It is a peaceful place where you wave at, talk to and enjoy the rafters and fishermen in the area.  

We have also spent a few days in the Cache Creek area.  While there are some ongoing problems, the BLM, Forest Service and Camp Hosts are doing a good job of keeping things under control and the riff raff out.  We heard of a coordinated effort recently to clean up the area of a group who had come in, mined at night, dug out the banks, overstayed their time in the camping areas, and in general left a mess.  They were fined, run out, and were made to clean up the camps.  I hear they were even raked!  We had to head home right after this report, but we will check it out as soon as were are back at camp.

The miners on Antero have had a rash of claim jumpers with pistols and big threats.  One woman who owns a claim there, was run off her claim by a guy with a gun and a threat that someone was on the ridge with her in his sites, and that she was to vacate the area before she got hurt.  I heard a similar story last year.  Most probably the same guy.

Well, that's all for now.  Hope your gold prospecting summer has been a good one.  I have a report of snow on Mt Bross a day or so ago, so Fall is descending on the high country.  Still plenty of time to find gold in Colorado, but we are reminded that our play time there is coming to an end.  As Always,

Good Prospecting to You,