Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Gold at the Tucson Show

    What does 52 POUNDS of Australian gold look like?  Came with it's own guard, too.

So how do you like that really big piece of gold in the picture?  Gold spot price is sitting at $1423.30 this morning and silver at $34.37.  They have both been holding at pretty high levels most of February.

How has your winter been going? Ours seems to be going by at a faster pace than usual, and we attribute that to a winter get away to Tucson and Arizona in general. The above nugget recently found in Australia, was one of the highlights of the Convention Show in Tucson the last weekend of the two week show there, where you can find almost anything you want in the way of fossils, gemstones, and rocks.

This is where you can have your pick of giant sized specimens from around the world, and it takes most of the two weeks to see it all.  We were there for 4 days and saw most of 5 shows.  We passed up gemstone shows this year in favor of more rocks and gold.  :>D

Much has been going on this past month and friends on FB have heard a lot of it, but I will share more details with you here than on the wall.  Thanks to all who have an interest in this site.  Updates will be forthcoming and I would appreciate anyone who finds a broken link to let me know where they find them so I can fix the problem.

The site is large enough that I often do not find all my interlinks, so please do let me know if you find one and what page it was on.  hookedongold@gmail is the way to tell me about those, and thank you for letting me know.

No word yet on Arkansas River BLM  gold prospecting changes in Colorado.  GeoCommunicator is on again and off again.  Seems like they are trying to get it back online, but occasionally it isn't there.  Gald to see it is making a comeback.  LOL!

Back at cha in a few days. Spring is definetely in the air and we are looking forward to the Summer gold prospecting season.  Get that equipment in shape now so you are ready to get out when the weather permits.  That could be any time now for those who are hardier than I am.  That wind off the snow to the west of Denver is C*O*L*D!

Good Prospecting to You,