Sunday, June 27, 2010

Prospecting for Gold at Cache Creek and Moving our Camp

Prospecting for Gold with Friends at Cache Creek, Colorado

Gold was at $1256.30 when I started this blog today, but it has probably changed since the overseas market is open. 

We had an interesting week and did spend some time at Cache Creek with the new sluice box.  I really like it, and will give you a review on it at mid week. 

We are moving the trailer to its' new home on Tuesday, and will be raising the existing deck 6 inches today and tomorrow so that both trailers can use it.  The lot we bought had a trailer already on it, so we have plenty of storage space for all our 'junk'.

Cache Creek continues to have problems with people stealing gold prospecting equipment, so if  you are there, make sure you take your equipment out each night.  So far a highbanker and a sluice box have disappeared.  The sluice box was taken out of the back of pickup, so secure your equipment even in your vehicle.

Water diversions are still a problem at Cache Ck, too.  Make sure you are not diverting water away from the creek and others ability to use it.  Remember, you are not the only one there and the water must be made available to everyone equally. 

We observed, and educated a team of highbankers on the proper way to fill a pump with gas.  These people were filling their pump without turning it off or removing it from the waterway.  We saw them dump gas into the creek, too.  If you fill your pump while it is running, you run the risk of getting some of the fuel into the wrong area that may be hot enough to explode.  I sure don't want to be around if someone does that!  Make sure you are at least 5 feet away from a waterway before you put gas into your pump's fuel tank, and nver spill it into the water.

Tin Pan Propsector up north of Alam is staying pretty busy.  More people are stopping and we have had several who were here on vacation and had wanted to get to try panning for gold while they were in Colorado.  We were all glad to oblige them.  If you are  up that way, stop in and see what Chad has lined up for the season.  Snow is still too deep for a few areas, but we are finding some gold and getting better acquainted with the area in general.

Gotta run and get some more work done before moving day.  Take care out there while you are prospecting for gold in Colorado or anywhere else.  Water is still high here and we lost our 6th rafter this last week. 

Good Prospecting to You,

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Summer Gold Prospecting in Colorado

Fire at Cache Creek

Yes, there was another RV that burned at Cache Creek last week.  Right across from the trailer that burned last year.  Make sure your propane connections are secure, and think twice about bringing a motorhome down through those dips.  There is plenty of camping up above in the forest.

There was, also, a highbanker that was stolen from the area.  The pump was left alone and only the highbanker was taken.  Very strange.

Gold is at $1241 this morning, and we spent a delightful weekend at a family reunion and visiting with our kids.  We will be moving the trailer this next week to a private campground where we have purchsed a lot and are looking forward to having more room to spread out again.  The two sheds will help with all our mining junk, too, and we won't have to keep it all in the truck all the time.  We can also begin collecting rocks again, and have friends over more. 

Summer is finally here!  This also means that we will get more river time and UTV time.  I'm sure you are looking forward to more of this yourselves, as well.  The rivers are still running very high, so be very careful if you are near those rushing waters.  We are looking forward to a summer filled with prospecting in new areas and still lending a hand at gold prospecting in Colorado with Tin Pan Prospector.

If you are in the Colorado Springs area this weekend, stop in at the Western Mining Museum (exit North Academy entrance - east) for a rock exhibit put on by the local rock and gem clubs.  GPOC always gets involved, too, and it should be a great weekend of fun.

Have a great week!

Good Prospecting to You,

Sunday, June 13, 2010

You Are NOT on the Wrong Page!

New Look for The Prospector's Blog.  Let me know what you think.

High Water in the Arkansas River Makes for Dangerous Rafting. Be Careful!

A Spring Time Snow in Colorado

So, how would you like to do some panning for gold in this stuff?  LOL!  This weekend has been a bit cold and wet, so we have been visiting with friends and planning this next week.

Gold closed last Friday at $1228.70 as we were getting the beginning of this storm, but it is clearing out now and we will have a cold night.  Next week is looking better weather wise, so we are looking forward to some more summer fun prosecting for gold. 

GPOC had a members outing in the snow this weekend, and I hear that all had fun slipping in the mud, finding gold and getting numb hands and fingers from the fridge water.  All the peaks were white this morning.

The parking lot at Cache Creek was scheduled to be expanded this past week, but we have not been up there since it was done.  I also hear that there is some very nice gold coming out of the area.

We did attend the 40th birthday anniversary at the Prospectors Village in Nathrop last weekend.  There were lots of folks there and lots of equipment was going out the door.  Cindy had a drawing for some nice prizes, too. 

Run off is so high that water coming out of several high country reservoirs has been shut down to help ease the rivers.  Where there is less control, waters are very high and swift.  Be careful when you are near the rivers and streams.

Later this week, I'll be telling you our tale about the Fairplay Beach, so stay tuned.  In the mean time have fun prospecting for gold in Colorado.....

Good Prospecting to You,

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Fast Movng Water in Colorado Gold Prospecting Country

Well, run off here in Colorado has begun with a vengence.  The first rafting death has been announced near Vail, as well as a tuber on Cache la Poudre and a man using a cable trolley to cross the Colorado River all due to high water. 

Anyone near the rivers and streams needs to use extreme caution for the next month or so as stream flows are very high.  The Arkansas River is running almost to the bottom of the bridge at the bottom of the numbers and the lower gravel bar at Granite is almost covered.  The South Platte in Fairpay is running bank to bank, and the Big Thompson is running out of its' banks below Estes Park.  For your added information, I am posting a few examples from yesterday evening's levels.
Arkansas River running at the numbers 3650 cfs and 4050 at Royal Gourge
Clear Ck 890 to 935 cfs
Colorado River 15200 cfs at Glenwood Springs
Gunnison River 4700 cfs at Escalante

Panning for gold, sluicing and dredging will be dangerous, so be careful when you are near the water.  The high water also hides rocks and boulders that you can hit your head on, and people have been known to drown in a swift current in less that 18 inches of water.  Snow pack is still high, and we are expecting a long runoff season again this year. 

Finding gold is fun, but even more caution needs to be exercised at this time. 

We visited Cache Creek yesterday to see the beaver pond refilled.  Everyone has been happy with the new regs and that things are under better control.  Larry and I are happy that we were able to give the BLM suggestions that are working as the area is very popular and people love being there.  The parking lot will be enlarged this week to allow for more vehicles in the area, too. 

Have a great gold prospecting week.  I'll talk at cha again when I have a few minutes.

Good Prospecting to You,

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Colorado Gold Country and Spring

Aspens Leafing Out Above 10,500 Feet
Howdy to all you gold prospectors out there!  Gold closed on Friday at $1220.90 and the stock market was down over 300 points.  These two haven't gone in opposite directions for some time now. 

I had a bout with a 24 hour stomach junk this past week, but am feeling my old(?) self again.  Our phone connections this year are not working out well, so if you have been trying to get a hold of us, we are strictly on cell phones right now.  Email works, too.

The Aspens are finally leafing out on the mountainsides above Alma, and it looks like Spring is finally arriving in the Colorado high mountain gold country around Fairplay and Alma.  Montgomery Reservoir was emptied earlier in May and will be easily refilled with the snow still left on the slopes above it.  It will quite possibly be the end of June before the roads on Mts. Bross and Lincoln will be passable by 4WD vehicle.

Gold prospecting at Cache Creek is open and we hear many people are in there finding gold.  GPOC has a seasons worth of voluteers ready to be onsite this year to help you with the new regulations and fee structure.  The porta potties are in place and the BLM summer time employee is making the rounds on the Arkansas River and Cache Creek.  Looks like a good prospecting season there with things under better control, as well as all the other Colorado gold prospecting areas. 

GPOC members should be aware that he gate on the road to Beaver Creek will not be opened until the middle of June.

We are still looking for more permanent arrangements in South Park, but until we do we are in Buena Vista at Snbowy Peaks RV Park.  A great place to stay, btw, if you are in the Buena Vista area. 

If you are looking to find gold in Colorado and are curious about the Fairplay Beach this year, they are chargin $5.00 per person for the May - October 2010 gold panning and sluicing season, and you can obtain that permit at the City building in Fairplay.  The 'Beach" will be undergoing some improvements this year with the addition of a concert platform for groups the city is bringing in for entertainment, as well as adding music festival later this summer.  Also, the County is adding a pedestrian bridge across the S. Platte to help people walking from the residential areas on the south side get to the grocery store more safely than walking on the highway.  It is supposed to be completed sometime in August.

While you are there, drive up past Alma about a mile and half, just past mile marker 72, on your right, and check out Tin Pan Prospector for some fun.  Prices for panning, highbanking, dredging and metal detecting are reasonable.  Chad has his dredge in the water now and is driving to bedrock.  Stop by and say 'Howdy'!

That's all I have in my notes.  I'll be back to you from time to time.  Have a great week and a great gold prospecting season!  Until next time....

Good Prospecting to You,