Friday, August 11, 2006

burra races an sich

Hidy, gold panner here. I bin up n down at bit in th past few weeks wif my gold pan, an thoz burra races alwys tikl me the way they run them beests up an down them passes an such. Hek, Jack nivr let me treet him that a way. He is alwys complannin bout walkin much less runnin all day wif a full pack. A gennl soul, ol Jack is. But don git him riled, or he'll kick the ---- out o ya! HeeHee. It'll larn ya ta stan a hind him when he don wann ya too, or supriz him an see what hapins. I gess the Weilnaus dun OK at their gold pannin in Breknridg lass weeken. They tell me they took a passl o gold an silver home wif em. Sounds lik they dun better n me, cuz I dint find much gold or silver recentlee. Some dust an enough to get me by. I don need much, though. Jus some grass for Jack an enough beans to keep me goin. I luv sleepin undr the stars an listnin to the silenc an the trees talkin in the breez. An wakkin the mountins lookin for the muthr lode. One that ain't on aneebodee elses land. I ain't no claim jumper! Not lik thos folks in Fairplay that jump claims up Bever Creek! Fairplay! Humph! Ust ta be a place wif honest men. Now a bunch o hooligans liv there that don care 'bout no budys rights, only doin what they want 'cause there ain't no budy ta stop em but theyself an they ain't a gonna do that unless somebudy makes em. Down rite scandulus! Thatz all I got ta say taday.
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