Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Gold Question of the Week for Feb.14, 2007.

CONGRATULATIONS TO: Glenn with 2 n's for being the first, correct, qualified, COMPLETE answer to the question for Feb. 14th.

Hooked On Gold's QUESTION OF THE WEEK: February 14, 2007.

Which is more rare - A 5 carat Diamond or a 1 oz. gold nugget? PART TWO: Since it is Valentines Day, give me your answer to this question as well. Which is more rare - the answer to the first part of the question or true love?

When you send in the answer to the first part, include your source as the question is pretty easy to guess. I want to know that you looked it up.


There were lots of quick obvious answers here, but no sources were submitted with them. Congratualtions to Glenn for sending in his answer WITH the source.

ANSWER: A one ounce Natural Nugget is more rare than a 5 carat diamond. One source for this answer is at: Search: gold nuggets and diamond facts You will also find a great site under this search about not getting ripped off from auctions and buying gold nuggets in general.

Is a one ounce natural nugget more rare than love? The overwhelming vote was that true love is more rare than a natural one ounce gold nugget, and finding it is even more rare. Are any of us surprised?
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