Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Gold Question of the Week for April 4, 2007.

Hooked on Gold's gold question for the week of April 4th takes you to the tropics and an unusual place to have found gold. And, not only gold, but a rare type of gold deposit. Unfortunately I don't have a picture example of what this rare type of gold looks like, so you will have to be content with just plain gold from one of the cases of Collectors Edge at the Tucson show.

Hooked on Gold's Question of the week for April 4th:

When was placer gold discovered in the Tavua area, and who is accredited with finding it? Also, tell me where Tavua is located, the type(s) of gold found, and when serious prospecting was begun.

ANSWER: Tavua is located in the Fiji Islands and its modern gold was discovered by Baron A.B. de Este in 1872. Placer deposits contained visble gold, but the lodes were in tellurides. Serious prospecting was not begun until 1932. One point that I should mention is that the gold on the island had been first discovered by the natives. More infomation on this can be found on the minelinks site under alluvial gold.
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