Thursday, August 23, 2007

New Update on Point Bar Recreational and Gold Prospecting Area

GOOD NEWS! The BLM has successfully had the road to Point Bar repaired and have reopened it to traffic. They were able to get one of their best contractors up to the area Saturday, and the area reopened very quickly. Reports from the work area indicated that some of the holes left from last Thursday nights downpour were 20 feet deep. That's a lot of mud to wash into the Arkansas. You don't suppose that just downstream from that you might find a nice little pocket of GOLD, now, would you? Somebody ought to go and find out! 20 feet of classified material? I don't think we could move that much in a day with a dredge. Maybe a week, but not a day. That gold had to get classified somewhere downstream. The question is where. Don't think there is anything in that dirt? Well, then, you have never prospected at Point Bar. The upper benches can have larger and more gold than the river. What are you waiting for?! I just told you where to find gold in colorado.
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