Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Gold Hunting in Arizona Postponed

Have you ever had a trip planned, packed for, and you were SOOOO ready to get away and go prospecting and looking forward to finding some gold, to have some emergency come up a few hours before departure that made the trip still possible, but not all you had wanted it to be?

Well, 16 hours before we were to leave to go to Arizona and the Tucson show, a family emergency came up at my brother's house that meant if we continued with our trip, it was very likely we would be unable to visit with him and his family, and we would miss a very important propsecting opportunity. We already knew that driving would be hazardous on Sunday, and the weather would not be good for prospecting until Wed, but we had still been willing to go until his called made everything seem futile.

We will not be going to Arizona until the end of March, not attending the Tucson show this year, not selling emeralds, not buying gold, not finding gold, not visiting with our many friends and aquaintances in Tucson, not leaving the snow for a few weeks. It has taken me this long to actually be able to tell you this.

However, there still is the gift show at the end of the month where I can get a new supply of mining desgn scenes, mining themed gifts, to put onsite soon, work on the new template and getting the new items on site later this month. We also can now attend a very important demo for school teachers on the 16th at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, just in time to unfold their new gold show. It also means you will get another newsletter this Friday. Lots of gold news to report on.

I don't know how the weather is where you are, but we are getting hit with snow every couple of days. Fortunately, the city is not getting more that a coupe of inches each time, but even we are above average in snow for this winter season. Some of the mountain areas are at 240% of snowpack for this year, and our biggest snows are usually in March. How's the weather where you are?

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