Sunday, March 01, 2009 Down Way Too Long..PLEASE Try Again!

I know I have had way too much going on in my life when my e-mail goes down, and I don't even realise it.....for months. I got to thinking this past week that it seemed like a long time since I had gotten any e-mail. Now, mail IS slow during the winter, but...not THIS slow.

I decided early this morning to check out my cPanel and see what was going on, since I woke up very early and could not sleep. (High pressure systems do that to me. Make me bright eyed and bushy tailed! :=) All I could find was the possibility that the mailbox was overloaded, but there were not THAT many e-mails in the delivered box. I emptied it and reconfigured the mail and it is working again.

I cannot tell you how sorry I am if you have asked for information and not gotten it! Try again. In the mean time, I will be setting up a different account in gmail to handle this, as this is the second time in less than a year I have had trouble with email with the server. I use gmail for other things, and it works ALL THE TIME! For the next week or so, I will continue with the present account, but I will be changing the email address real soon. The first place you will find it is on the information submission page. After that, each website page that has it on it will have to be changed and republished, along with the email and tags at the bottom of all pages on the blog. Bear with me, and please ask for information again. I'm not ignoring you...I'm not getting the requests. Answering your questions and sending you information is one of the things I enjoy the most, so please send in those "cards and letters".

This winter has been awfully stressful. We have had a close family member pass away under stressful conditions, a son who went to the Philippines and was sent back home and fired over a blog posting, the joy and loss of a grandchild as our daughter-in-law miscarried her second child. Along with all of that we had the holidays to get through, too. It was a strange end to '08 for us and '09 has not been very much better so far. Happily, prospecting season is almost here and things for the family in general are looking up!

Good Prospecting to You
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