Friday, April 17, 2009

HookedonGold Gazette 4/17/09

Colorado Gold! Yup, that's our summer water supply!
· Gold Spot Closing Price for Friday: $868.70
· Spot price last Gazette: $880.80

Calendar of Events

· 1st April Fools Day, Motorized Equipment Opening Day on Arkansas River
· 10th Good Friday
· 12th Easter
· 24-26 Denver Spring Mineral and Fossil Show

· 2-3 GPAA Denver Show
· 5th Cinco de Mayo
· 8, 9, & 10th Let’s Go Gold Panning Days at Point Bar Recreational Area
· 23rd -25th Memorial Day Weekend Observed
· 30th Memorial Day

NEW! Prospecting Community Network! We have a great group started with several already blogging and getting involved. You will be able to view the whole site for a few more weeks, and then only the main page. Check it out, and free to join.

It is snowing here in Denver today and through tomorrow. You’d have to be a hermit not to have heard on the news that we will get around 20 inches of spring snow today into tomorrow. Yes, we are dry, and it will be much needed moisture for the Front Range, but It IS April, and we’d rather the weather be good enough by now to get some prospecting in. Can’t even take the metal detectors out. 70’s this next week should break this pattern for the rest of the spring…..we hope.

I had a question this past week about the swedish pan. (You can find an example on Amazon) I have not used it, but if there is anyone one out there that has, leave a comment on it at the end of this post. I would love to hear what you have to say about it. The newer system of delivering the DIY bucket classifier instructions is working better. Much less spam coming in, too. This is a good thing.

Metals have all been down this week as the dollar stays up. How long this will last, no one can tell for sure, but many analysts are suggesting you have some of your investments in gold stocks and the actual metals, too. Some of them are saying you should have a lot. Silver is also, once again, being touted as the metal of choice as it is expected to jump up even higher than gold by percentage.

Gosh, I wish I had prospecting news to tell you. I mean, news about actual prospecting, but it has just been too nasty out to do much. We are starting to get testy around here without being able to get gold pans or metal detectors or anything out to find some gold. Days are filled with twitter information, the new prospecting community network, blogs and staring longingly out the window at snow and rain, and wishing we were away somewhere warm, sunny, and able to find gold. Alas, we did not even go to Arizona this year, saving all our time and money for the day Larry retires so we have what we will need until the payments kick in. (5 working days left! :>) If you are looking to retire soon, best you find a seminar to take about it sooner than later so you are kinda prepared. Lots to go through.

The work done at Point Bar should be completed by now and you should have some new dirt to play in. We are looking forward to Let’s Go Gold Panning Days in May and praying it doesn’t snow 3 feet like it did about 10 years ago. Hopefully we will have been out finding gold at least once before then, but who knows. It could snow into June this year. :>O In the mean time we are testing metal detectors, packing and repacking the truck, repairing equipment and waiting.

We attended the American Legion ceremony this past week honoring all the veterans from the post in Longmont that had died this past year. Larry's Dad belonged to the group having been a WWII vet. Very nice. Each family was presented with a certificate and then the list of names was burned. The youngest son is still looking for work and has now expanded his search to the Denver area and out of Greeley. Although he had a job in February, the company changed their phone script and expected them to lie to clients. He decided he could not do that and quit after a few days of it.

The new prospectors networking community at ning is keeping me busy. Blogging in two places has certainly been a challenge, but it has been fun these past few weeks. Met some very nice people there and looking forward to meeting some more. Are you finding gold? If so let us know. Post a comment at the bottom of this blog and tell us what you have found. Have fun out there and add to your stash of gold and coins.

You can find Panning Kits Here
Monthly Prospecting Equipment Specials HERE
Basic Prospecting Equipment

Until next week…….

Good Prospecting to You,
Shirley (MQS)
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