Saturday, September 12, 2009

Gold Prospecting in the Mountains of Colorado

Yup, that's a forest fire starting up. at Cache Creek Sept. 11th, '09

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A great big "HOWDY" to all of you today. My posts seem to get farther and farther apart, but rest assured, I haven't forgotten you. Every time I log in I cannot believe how long it has been since the last post. We ARE having FUN, however, and time is flying by. :>D

Since my last post, we have visited Tin Pan several times with friends, dredged a bit on the river, collected Apache Tears and Garnets on Ruby Mt., met people at Cache Ck for gold panning lessons and walk throughs, met with BLM twice on site, and had a forest fire crop up above the work area on the Cache Ck. open area. Yes, it has been a busy couple of weeks!

Aspen trees have started to turn yellow, gold and red, and each day, now, we find many more have followed suit. If we don't get too much early snow higher, we could be in for some really nice viewing this year. Beetle kill continues to advance at an alarming rate, though, and you will find many more forests with grey, needle less pine trees next year.

Denver Gem, Fossil and Mineral Show will be Sept. 18th through 20th, so put that on your calendar and go spend a day there if you are in the area. GPOC will have their gold panning troughs out for the public to pan from, too.

I came across an interesting piece this past week by miningweekly on the rise in gold prices I thought you might like to read. There was also an article on Gold Rush Days in Sacramento, Ca. that was a lot of fun.

Well, that's about it for today. I have a lot of information to get onsite and will begin to work on that next month. In the mean time....

Good Prospecting to You,
Shirley a prospecting community/forum
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