Friday, January 22, 2010

Hooked on Gold Gazette 1/22/10

Australian Gold Nugget Pendant with diamond in 14 K gold wire wrap

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Ok, I know it’s been two weeks, but like I said in the last Gazette, it’s winter and we are hibernating. LOL! Haven’t even taken time for twitter much, either. We have had some nicer weather, though, and have been able to get out and do things that need done around the house, but it is still a bit too cold for me to do much prospecting. Plans for next summer are under way, and we are deeply disappointed that we cannot make points south this year. However, we should have Larry’s work and play schedule under better control this year and plan to get ourselves to Tucson next year.

Do you have any prospecting going on? Share with us by leaving a comment with this blog. We enjoy real content and comments on gold prospecting, not just the occasional backlink to a website.

Gold took a dive this week as the dollar is expected to strengthen, but no matter. We will still prospect for gold when we can.

Weather in California lately should move some of their gold around, what with the huge rains and sliding earth. Arizona is getting hammered as well, with Scottsdale having a tornado warning out yesterday. Sure hope it dries up in the next week or so, or the big show in Tucson could be chilly and wet. No one will care but the outside vendors, though.

Itching to get out? We sure are. The house is nice and cozy, but the recent sunshine has us wishing the temps were a bit higher so we could get out some equipment and at least metal detect. Ground is still too frozen to even dig the parks much. Can’t complain, though, after the mess December was. Larry and a friend took the metal detectors up to Idaho Springs one day. They came back with a bit of galena ore, but they could not even pick through the frozen earth. LOL! Still, they had a good time just being out. I stayed home and went to the movies, also with friends. No sense in me slipping a sliding all day through the snow.

We did attend the RV Show that was in Denver last Friday, which is why the Gazette didn’t get out. Nice show and always fun to see the new models. Again, we went with friends and they are looking to purchase some type of RV this year. We went along as ‘consultants’. LOL! The show was at the Convention Center and that meant parking downtown Denver, which is always expensive. Oh, well. We will just have to find MORE gold this summer.

A link I found for you to follow is about an Arizona ride into the Bradshaw’s .

That should be enough rambling for now. Wish I could show you a nice big nugget we had found, but the one in the photo should keep you drooling even if WE didn’t find it. There are some gem and gold shows coming up here in Denver, and I’ll get those dates posted soon.

Until next week…….

Good Prospecting to You,
Shirley (MQS)
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