Saturday, June 15, 2013

                      Mid June, and the Arkansas is Running Bedrock to Bedrock

WOW did it take a lot of time and energy to finish the front yard at the main house! Once started, of course, you can't just run off and leave it. Naturally, we had lots of things come up that were unexpected and had to be fixed, but now it will take care of itself til we go back in the Fall and my Mom will not have to worry with it.

So, gold, huh?  It's still a little depressed with a close on Friday of a little over $1391, but silver is still around $22.00.  A long way from $40!  They will both probably jump around this region most of the summer.  There may not be a lot out there to bump it up till Fall.  Then again, there is the unforeseen that can always put all bets off.

Since getting into our summer digs we have been on the run trying to catch up.  We spent a couple of days with Brian and Yolanda Busse discussing plans for this year's jewelry and what will be happening up at the Thank You Lord Mine on Mt. Antero.  We should get to help with some rock mitigation and exploration there this summer.  (Yes, THOSE Brian and Yolanda Busse. We have known them for many years.)

We also visited with friends in BV while grabbing ice cream for the old man and lettuce and broccoli for me.  Thursday and Friday we were on the Arkansas River with Phil Martinez, a very long time friend, at his river claims, also known as Vista Mining Adventures.  His dredge and cleanup Neffco bowl set up is sweet, and he has been prospecting for gold in Colorado most of his life.
If you are interested in the bowl, he is the sole distributor/dealer.  It will handle around 25 tons a day.  Contact him at, also, if you are interested in learning, panning, sluicing, dredging, but NO HIGHBANKING! The River is bank to bank right now, so he will not take new people or children until the shore paths are safer.

In between we visited Leadville to see what was going on and took a day to settle into the summer trailer.  Took the ATV out for a short spin and it is in major trouble which means expensive to fix.

The word on Cache Creek is that the bog has been by-passed and they bulldozed all the material, filling in all holes and overturning much of the area.  Apparently, the BLM was NOT happy with the group/groups who tunneled into the banks this winter.  Besides that, the new owner of the private property the diversion comes off of is threatening to close it off.

Last, I am receiving many requests for a form that was discontinued three years ago.  PLEASE, PLEASE, let me know where you find this.  I cannot, for the life of me, figure out where it is.  Send me the url in an email so I can eliminate it.  I get no information to send it to, so I have no idea who is sending it to me.

That's it for this week.  Be safe out there, and have a wonderfully eventful season. As Always...

Good Prospecting to You,
Shirley Weilnau

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