Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Fees Increase for the Fairplay Beach Gold Panning Area

In case you have not heard, we had epic flooding and high water in Colorado this Spring. The water is down enough, now, to have people back around the rivers and creeks, although they are still very high for this time of year.

Highway 285 was closed for over a week as CDot watched a 100 year old bridge, fearing it might fail with all the traffic going over it. The South Fork of the Platte River flowed far out of its banks, around the supports, and just under the pavement.

With things settling down, we ran into Fairplay to pick up this year's panning permit for the Fairplay Beach, only to find the fees have changed, again.  Not sure you can read the print in the picture, but they are now charging $5.00 for a week of prospecting and you must designate which week you will be using the area.  The charge for April til October is $35.00.  I would assume there is no panning/sluicing allowed from October til April, as there is no charge during that time frame.

Have a happy 4th of July, and as always,

Good Prospecting to you,
Hooked On Gold

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