Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Flag Day/Colorado Quarter

HOT HOT HOT!!! June here on the Front Range of Colorado is HOT!! Gonna be a record June for heat. HAPPY FLAG DAY! The new Colorado State quarter is released today. Anybody have a comment on the mountain that the Treasury put on it? I haven't seen any mountains in Colorado that resemble it, although I have heard someone say it is supposed to represent a generic mountain or the back side of Longs Peak. HUH!? How hard could it have been to find a picture of Mt. Elbert? Back side of Longs Peak? Who remembers what THAT looks like? Most people see it from the front....Another of those pointy peaks not cliffs. Of course there ARE no famous peaks in Colorado and so the committee that puts the quarter together in Washington didn't have a good example to use. Unfortunately, they only take "suggestions" not specifics and the State could only "suggest" mountains. As a native Colorodan, I am very disappointed with their selection to represent my State. Won't collect too many of them as it is "representative" and not something actually applies to the state. I don't know, do they have those kinds of mountains back east? Looks like some styalized mountain that some painter painted to "represent" what they were seeing. The REAL thing is Much more impressive!
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