Thursday, November 02, 2006

Gold Up

Whoa! It certainly has been a busy Fall. WAY too much going on. GPOC has had their claim posts put in place on their newest gold placer claim, Prospector three, and there have been no additional problems in B.V. But, then the motorized season is over. However, those that were down there before it was, did not report any harrassment.

ARE YOU WATCHING GOLD? It has reached its' breakout price and is moving steadily higher. Did ya buy any at 560? Higher gold means a weakening dollar, and it looks like some of those banks that have been dumping gold are now looking to buy it back. The supply simply will not keep up with the demand in India, where gold is treasured and hoarded. We all know how the Chinese feel about gold, having gleaned every speck possible out of every placer operation they touched around the world. Anybody looked at the prospects for the Pebble discovery in Alaska? Northern Dynasty is trying to bring that one to full production. I think Rio Tinto has a hand in it, if I remember correctly. Hope you are ready to dig in and find some gold this next season, or head for warmer climates this winter for some of the yellow stuf. Me, I'll be headed for Arizona around the end of January while the snakes are still asleep, or at least groggy. LOL!
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