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November 3, 2006 Newsletter

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November 3, 2006

Question of the Week:
CONGRATULATIONS TO : Aaron for being the first correct qualified answer to this week’s question! Take a look at the answer if you haven’t been onsite to see it yet.

GPOC Temporary Page is at: http// Larry Weilnau will be doing a presentation on what steps to take to find a spot that you can run your metal detector on (this works with any type of prospecting as well), what gold sounds like, and what to expect when you think you have found it, at the November 8th GPOC meeting.

I have a couple of link partners that might have some interesting things for you to look at for Christmas. We are not affilites, so we do't get anything for promoting them, but they are great folks with great products. which has several media items on Spanish trails and signs in the Southwest, and which reproduces historic maps, many of which have never been reproduced before from around the U.S. Check out their wide selection of maps today.

REMEMBER TO VOTE! Even if you are a Tory or a Whig.

This winter we want to give you some excerpts of articles we find or ideas and conversations we have with others that might be of interest to you. This week we are looking at the International California Mining Journal which often follows legislation around the U.S. This month there is the third part of a story on how to find a metal detecting site….you know researching and such. Well, to make a long story short this fellow researched and found an old site for a prospecting group, whose members didn’t find much ‘cause they didn’t search much, and didn’t like the rough road or the rough terrain and decided not to use it. The man and his companions filed on it, worked it, FOUND the gold…..a LOT of it, and when they were finished with it, offered it to the prospecting group, who took them up on it and then found even MORE gold, although no one yet has taken anything as big as the original group did. If you do not read this magazine, you might want to pick a copy up from your local prospecting shop or get your own subscription at another great gift idea.

CHECK OUT OUR NEW COOL LITTLE e-BAY WEBSITE We have gold nuggets listed on the home page, but you can use the eBay search bar to find whatever you want. It also has a tool you can use to look for misspelled words in your searches, or sign up for an e-Bay account right from the page. A link back to Hooked on Gold is on the links page or you can use your back button. HAVE FUN with this page. It really is COOL!

There is a NEW CHAPTER OF GPAA that has been started in the Colorado Springs area. They are meeting the first Wed. of the month in the Toyota dealership. HookedonGold has put up schedules and details for them on the events page.

HMMMMM Paypal is tougher to integrate then they lead you to believe.

If you find a broken link PLEASE LET US KNOW so we can fix it.

NEW for you. If you are interested in purchasing gold or some of the poop tube items with a check instead of a credit card, as a newsletter recipient you may e-mail us with your request, and we will save the item(s) for you until 10 days after we receive the check so it clears, and then ship or deliver to you. An invoice would be sent via e-mail with your shipping options so you would know how much to send and the address. We thought some of you might appreciate the extra service. Also, we can deliver anything that is ours on the catalog pages to anyone attending the GPOC or GPR club meetings.

PLEASE BE ADVISED: Some of the items in the catalog are drop shipped. Regardless of what their copy says, delivery can take 2 to 4 weeks. We have no control over this, but we will attempt to assist you if you have a problem with delivery.

I have a couple of new announcements about Clear Creek as it runs through Wheatridge, and also about Boulder County. PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT you cannot use ANY type of equipment on the river in Wheatridge. You WILL have your equipment confiscated and you will be ticketed, even if you are only using a finish pan. We had this announcement most of the summer in this newsletter, and as soon as we took it down, a new reader did not get the message and had planned on panning in this area. Luckily, we were able to get the info to them BEFORE they got told by the cops.

Also, prospecting is still being allowed in Boulder County, BUT ONLY ON FEDERAL LAND. If you are caught using any equipment anywhere else you will be fined and your equipment will be confiscated, even if you are only using a finish pan.

If you are coming off the river with lots of black sand and you have never found a way to separate it fast and easily, then it is time to get your mini sluice concentrate separator. You can find it at:
It comes complete with adjustable legs, pump, hopper, hose and the mini sluice. It will separate black sand faster and more easily for you than anything else we have used, and at an affordable price. Works GREAT with the blue bowl for separating instead of screening before you do your last separation with the bowl.

Anyone interested in getting a continuing gold quote streamer on your computer taskbar can go to and look for the little Kcast blue and gold banner near the top of the page. It isn’t always there, but if you refresh the page a few times it should pop up. I haven’t seen it on their page for a long time, but I’m glad it’s there now. I was able to put it on the taskbar of the laptop last night so I can see what the price is anytime I am online.

EVERYBODY LOVES gold! We have added 2 lb. bags of Colorado dredge concentrate with Colorado gold to the gold page. Look for “Madam, Queen Shirley’s Magic Black Sand Panning Concentrates”. Make your gold pan Magically turn yellow. Colorado Concentrates, Colorado GOLD! Comes with our Black Sand Separation panning tips. Just added to the panning concentrates: While we are cleaning some of the ore pieces we find, some of it falls off and is too small to do anything with, so we are adding a piece or two of the wires, flakes or crystal pieces to the bags. You may find them clean, or with ore still attached that is black, quartz, or red. Some pieces may be larger than the other sands, too. Thinking of that special gift for Christmas? One of our gold pieces would make a wonderful gift for that special guy or gal. CHRISTMAS IS COMING…….THIS MAKES A TERRIFIC GIFT FOR YOUR FAVORITE PROSPECTOR. Get one…get TWO for double the fun.

THE ARKANSAS RIVER WILL BE CLOSED TO MOTORIZED EQUIPMENT FOR THE WINTER UNTIL APRIL 1st, 2007. The river will still open for panning, sluicing, and dry washing.

Thanks to everyone who has supported our affiliates this past year. Hopefully, you have found some good information and products from them. CHRISTMAS IS COMING! Now is the time to look for all those things you want Santa to bring you so you can put it on your list.

Until next week,

Good Prospecting to You,
Larry and Shirley Weilnau A COOL little website!
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