Monday, December 11, 2006

A Golden Summer


this hears the gold panner. bin out in the wilds findin a poke o gold fer gittin me n Jack thru the winter. dun pritty good this past summer, two. Ol Jack, he dont lik the cold so much any mor, so we high taild it to aryzona sos he can warm his ol bons up sum. we wanderd round a lot lass sumer an pikt up sum mihty nice gold in the streems around the tall mountins. heerd that my frens Larry n Shirley did purty good as well. ol dredger an his frens pikt up sum mor claims they cud uss wif ther flotin dredg machins. nevr did git to ast them what they found. heerd that ther wuz a bunch o fitin bout sum o the claims round Buna Vista at the end o the season, but I think it all got cleered up. we had sum heelashush weather in the mountins this lass yr, an wif the snow cumin erly agin me n jack hav gon south to try our luk wif dry placer. we be heded to tuscon fr the big show in feb. alus a big crowd an plenty o gold. mebe I kin fin a byer fur what me n jack gots in the pok sak. we bin lolygaggin in flagstaff, but its gittin to cold here fur jack, so we be mozyin down to jerome, or closr to the bradshws an prescott. mebe we will mak it dwn to quartzit latr this winter. don no, mebe we r on vacashun! heeheehee ! thas all i gots to say fur now.
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