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Hooked on Gold Gazette Dec.15, 2006.

December 15, 2006.

We had a reader find a problem with the shopping cart this past week which appears to be resolved. If anyone continues to have a problem, please drop us note and tell us at Many thanks to Mark for telling us so we could get it fixed. He is awarded a 2 lb. bag of MQS Magic panning sand.

Question of the Week:
CONGRATULATIONS TO : Jim for being the first qualified answer to come up with the most Christmas Carols having the word “Gold” in them. Check the question page for the list of9 he found.

GOLD PRICE DEC.15, 5:00 a.m. $624.80

REMEMBER THE GOLD will be 20% off AND FREE SHIPPING. Also, a bag of Madam Queen Shirley’s Magic Black Sand Panning Concentrate will be included with each “PoopTube” Mini Sluice through the Holiday Season. Gold panner had a little to say this past week. You might want to mozy over to blogspot and read his piece. We are archiving newsletters and now question of the week so you can keep up. Newsletters will be archived as long as we have the two newsletter system.
The new reader is FREE, more efficient, faster, guaranteed delivery, safer than e-mail, easily opted out of and uninstalled. All of this type of mail will be converting over in the next year or so, so download your copy now. YOU WILL NOT BE ADDED TO ANYONE ELSES LIST…..EVER! Readers are purely up to you whether you wish to receive information from the provider of the reader, and you can opt out any time you want to with ease. Information collected is: first and last name, company (That one is for you to put in your Colorado Club affiliation so we can get information to only you), State and Country. Those last two are only ‘cause we would like to know how many states and countries we send to. You will get a yellow “caution” sign on your taskbar that will let you access your messages, delete them, mark as read, or read. Right click on it to see the option menu. You will get a “pinging” pop up when there is a new message for you. IF YOU GET A SECURITY WARNING WHEN YOU CLICK THE LINK, pick “yes” to continue your download. Your filters are only trying to make sure you know what is going on. . That’s all there is to it. You are welcome to contact us if you have any problems at

The new reader has several links to mining equipment you can “do it yourself” with. The reader link is:

CHRISTMAS TIME IS FOR KIDS……..Young and old. HobbyTron has a selection of “toys” for all ages. R.C. cars, helicopters, boats, you name it, Airguns, Robots , Kits. You won’t believe what they have for you. There are money off coupons on the website you can use towards your purchases and shipping. Check the blog page for the link.

GPOC Temporary Page is at: The Christmas party was well attended again this year and the Marines took two tables of toys back with them for their drive. Many thanks to them for their service and for holding this very worthwhile project each year.

GPR will be holding their members Christmas Party 20th at the Clements Community Center.

Link partners for Christmas are: which has several media items on Spanish trails and signs in the Southwest that can lead to old Spanish mines, and which reproduces historic maps, many of which have never been reproduced before, from around the U.S. Check out their wide selection of maps today. P.S. they are not affiliate sites, just good folks with items of interest to you.

If you find a broken link PLEASE LET US KNOW so we can fix it. Thanks to Mark this past week for finding the shopping cart problem and alerting us to it. He is awarded a 2 lb. bag of MQS Magic panning sand.

If you are coming off the river with lots of black sand and you have never found a way to separate it fast and easily, then it is time to get your mini sluice concentrate separator. You can find it at: “”
It comes complete with adjustable legs, pump, hopper, hose and the mini sluice. It will separate black sand faster and more easily for you than anything else we have used, and at an affordable price. Works GREAT with the blue bowl for separating instead of screening before you do your last separation with the bowl. During the Christmas Season, a bag of Madam Queen Shirley’s Magic Black Sand Panning Concentrates will be included with your order.

The new FREE, easy reader downloadable link is here:

Anyone interested in getting a continuing gold quote streamer on your computer taskbar can go to and look for the little Kcast blue and gold banner near the top of the page. It isn’t always there, but if you refresh the page a few times it should pop up. I haven’t seen it on their page for a long time, but I’m glad it’s there now. I was able to put it on the taskbar of the laptop last night so I can see what the price is anytime I am online.

EVERYBODY LOVES gold! The larger nuggets are posted for you to consider for gift giving and collecting. One piece of particular interest is a bailed pendant of California gold. ALL ARE ON SALE NOW! The 2 lb. bags of Colorado dredge concentrate with Colorado gold on the gold page are waiting for you to get cleaned up. Look for “Madam, Queen Shirley’s Magic Black Sand Panning Concentrates”. Make your gold pan Magically turn yellow. Colorado Concentrates, Colorado GOLD! Comes with our Black Sand Separation panning tips. GOLD AND CONCENTRATES ARE AT: GET ONE……GET TWO for double the fun! [Just added to the panning concentrates: While we are cleaning some of the ore pieces we find, some of it falls off and is too small to do anything with, so we are adding a piece or two of the wires, flakes or crystal pieces to the bags. You may find them clean, or with ore still attached that is black, quartz, or red. Some pieces may be larger than the other sands, too.]

THE ARKANSAS RIVER WILL BE CLOSED TO MOTORIZED EQUIPMENT FOR THE WINTER UNTIL APRIL 1st, 2007. The river will still open for panning, sluicing, and dry washing.

That link to the reader again is:

With Christmas get togethers coming in the next two weeks and the preparations for the holidays looming, the Question of the Week will be suspended until after the New Year. Rejoin us on Jan 3, 2007 for the first question of the New Year!

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU AND YOURS! May you have golden memories during your Holiday Season!

Until Next Week.

Good Prospecting to You,
Larry and Shirley Weilnau A COOL little website!
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