Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Gold Tops and Plunges

Dreaming of Summer Prospecting

HMMMMM. PDF files are tough to load on a website. No matter. The first page of the new catalog, along with the new page template, should go up in a couple of days. Pay with PayPal.

Not much going on with gold right now. The usual selling and buying of mining companies continues to go on while the gold mining industry consolidates its energies. Are you watching gold? Kitco has the taskbar download on their page, so get one for minute by minute updates of the prices of gold, silver, and platinum at kitco.com. If you don't preview this site at least once a month, you are really missing out on a lot of information. Gold touched just above $772.00 before plunging below $748, yesterday, before settling back around $752. Today, buyers are pushing the price back above $757. It's likely a good bet that some bank dumped a bunch of the metal after it hit $772 to cause the sudden drop.

Had to turn the furnace on this morning for a shot of heat. Even though it will be in the 70's later today, it was a bit chilly at 62 degrees. A power plant outage and 6 - 9's has us without much time to hunt for gold in October. BUMMER! BUT, we are talking with friends and making plans for the gold areas we will look at next summer.

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