Thursday, October 18, 2007

Hooked on Gold Website changes

2 Days Work at Cache Creek this summer

Did the wind blow at your house today? It sure is here! Gold is slipping up past $766 after sliding back around $755 yesterday. Wasn't it just last month it was around $650? An accidental break through on my webbuilder yesterday has me wizzing through pages and building the new template a lot faster than I was. Boy, am I glad that headache is over. I found the path purely by accident, and am amazed that the instructions did not include this tid bit of information. Anyway, I should be able to build about 3 pages a day until I get to the forms and picture albums.


The store part is started and I need to add the pay pal buttons. You should get to see the new template on that page next week with a few catalog items on it. It will appear as a subdomain of hookedongold, so don't be confused when the look of the page changes. You can e-mail me and let me know what you think of it when it goes live. The new template should also solve the problem of the page being too wide. I have no control over that with the present template, and is one of the main reasons I am changing it again for a new look.


EVERYONE is wanting to get back up to the mountains and get some more gold before it gets too nasty. We have had snow in the high mountains this past week for a total of around 20 inches already. The ski resorts are jumping up and down, and they all had ONE RUN open with man made snow on it last weekend. Only a few are open for skiing, however. Oh, did I mention.....

(For those of you who live in a cave, our own Rockies baseball team will be playing in the WORLD SERIES next week)

We are making prospecting plans with friends for Thanksgiving week. Even if it snows, we can go prospect the casinos in Blackhawk. I never did like shopping with the crowds the day after Thanksgiving and have most of my shopping done by then. Well, time to go build another page or two. Get those cons cleaned up. I want to know how much gold you found this summer.
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