Wednesday, November 07, 2007

GoldnStore and Gold Jewelry

Orocal Jewelry available through Hooked on Gold. 14K gold or Sterling Silver. Gold in White or Black Quartz and Nuggets.

Whoa! It's been a long dry spell getting bogs out! Many things are going on right now with trying to get a store back up on the site. I cannot get pictures to show no matter what I do, even with physically adding the paths by hand into the server. Don't know what to think, but it has been an enormously frustrating month trying to find answers to all the problems with the store. I will be attempting another avenue this next week before I throw up my hands and give up! Can't do that of course, but I do feel like it. I have way too much to offer you right now in jewelry, equipment and gold to give up, so be patient. I WILL find a way. I am also working on a prospecting calendar and t-shirts.

GOLD! Now THERE'S a subject that excites the imagination of all of us! It is down from its' high this morning of around $837 to be $830 right now. Quite a ride since the middle of September when it was still hoovering around $650. Everyone who wants to sell gold has done so, and so the price is finally moving in an upward direction.

Meanwhile, Cache Creek is still open for a few more weeks, and the weather reports indicate that they have little snow on the ground, although Independence Pass is now closed due to snow. The pass is about 10 miles west of the Twin Lakes area and much higher, so the snow would tend to stick there more. We here in Denver are enjoying another 3 days of temperatures in the 70's, with a small front coming in on Sunday that MIGHT give us some precip. A far cry from last year when we had already had 3 large snow storms, and daytime temps were in the 30's and 40's. Both caused, I am sure, by global warming due to man. Indonesia's' volcano continues to erupt spewing more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere each week than man produces in a whole year all combined. Kind of like the sediments mother nature throws into the river after a rain compared to dredging with a 4-inch or smaller.

On a sadder note, I regret to report that a long time GPOC member, board member, gem and mineral collector and all around good guy, Lou Severini, died the day before Halloween in a one car accident south of Raton, New Mexico. Funeral service will be held in Woodland Park this Saturday, November 10. For more information visit the GPOC Tem. Page.

Get out there and FIND SOME GOLD. It's worth over $800 an ounce and going up.
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