Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Have a Golden Christmas Holiday Season

Gold in White Quartz, Black Quartz, or Nuggets in 14K Gold or Sterling Silver

Oh My Goodness! I had NO idea it had been so long since I had posted a Blog! November has flown by, and we have done many things since I past talked with you. Of course I helped at the Gem Show earlier this month in Denver, but we have also gone looking for gold at Cache Creek just before it snowed last week. We found a nice bit of gold up there and went home happy to have had a few days in November to find gold.

In case you've had your head in the clouds all month, you should have seen the spot gold price go from around $750 to $842 to $782 back to $823 and down to $809 right now. The dollar continues to slide and gold goes up.

Hope all of you had a GREAT Thanksgiving holiday, and also, a good start to the Christmas shopping season. I continue to have problems getting pictures to show in my new catalog, which is discouraging, but I will continue to find the answers to this problem. I have even had an expert look at it, and he didn't understand it either. I have two more to consult with, as well as try to find the answer myself. It has taken up ALL of my time trying to find a path to get everything to upload correctly. I have some terrific items to show, but can't seem to get everything going in the same direction. When I come up against these obstacles, I always figure there is some good reason why I cannot get it together right now. The answer to that question raises its' head at some time in the future, and I am usually glad I did not find the answer when I was looking so hard for it. Have a GOLDEN Christmas Holiday Season, and Merry Christmas to everyone. Buy gold for Christmas; coins, raw, jewelry, whatever. It is only going up in value and it WON'T be cheaper any time soon.
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