Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year from Hooked on Gold


Gold closed yesterday to end 2007 at $833.30 after touching $842. Now that the holidays are over more time can be devoted to site updates and the catalog. I have a "fix" to try that I had done for me by someone a little more knowledgable in these things than I am, but have not had time to upload it. You might get a glimpse of it today or tomorrow. I'll then try to mess it up by putting the new template in it, so it might not be up very long. As most of you know, the newsletter is being posted on the blog right now. If you would like an e-mail sent telling you when it posts, you can drop me a note at info@hookedongold.com, and I will put you on a list for e-mail notification on Fridays.

I-70 was closed yesterday for around 24 hours due to high winds and blowing snow after getting over 12 inches of new powder. The ski industry here is jumping for joy after a very dry November. The city is slated for a drier winter, and we will be very glad to get out of the deep freeze tomorrow. Christmas day was terrible for travel, with temps in the teens and blowing snow with ground blizzards and slick highways. Travel was slow! We were on the highways trying to get to all the places we were supposed to be,and then everyone got sick passing around all the viruses everyone has been picking up. LOL! The holidays! How we LOVE them, even with all the problems and driving! We also spent about 5 days with our grandsons after Christmas playing Monopoly, Phase 10 and spending all the Christmas cash burning a hole in evryone's pockets. One of them even chose the picture for last week's newsletter. Off to watch the Tournament of Rose's Parade and have breakfast. GOOD PROSPECTING to all of you this year, and may your find that BIG nugget!
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