Thursday, January 17, 2008

Hooked on Gold to get a new look

How do you like this picture for the new template header?

HOORAH! My new HOOKED On GOLD template is on it's way to being a reality! I have finally made connections with an expert who can give me a template that will do what I need it to and it will be similar to the one you see now! So, none of you will suffer too much shock when it gets changed. The header will be slightly different, but the look and feel should be the same with the width finally under control.

In GOLD news, we have gold dropping today to near that magic $50.00 point below it's high last week. The stock market is taking a beating this week so it should be interesting to see if gold finally decides to take a turn in the opposite direction of the markets, or continue to follow them down. I haven't heard of any selling off of gold by major banks recently, but with the price so high, I'm sure someone somewhere is taking profits.

Tomorrow's newsletter will continue with the discussion on how gold is put into rock under geothermal conditions.
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