Friday, January 23, 2009

Hooked on Gold Gazette 1/23/09

Nice picture of one of the old dredges!

· Gold Spot Closing Price for Friday: $898.30
· Spot price last Gazette: $853.60

Calendar of Events
· 1st New Years Day
· 15th Martin Luther King Jr.’s Birthday
· 19th MLK Day observed
· 20th Inauguration Day
· 2nd Groundhog Day
· 5th – 13th TUCSON Show (boy do we wish we could be there!)
· 12th Lincoln’s B.D.
· 14th VALENTINES DAY Remember your honey today!
· 22nd Washington’s B.D.
· 25th Ash Wednesday

My search for information this past week has taken me all over the place and back. It’s been hard to focus on just what I want to put into the newsletter this week, so if I get off track, just remember it’s been very nice here in Denver, and it has probably influenced my point of view. If you think that’s possible, then I have no worries. LOL!

Prospecting for gold has gotten a little more profitable this week, with gold up a bit to almost $900, hitting a high today of $903.00. There is more skuttle around that the gold cartel is manipulating the price again, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they are. Can’t have gold running away with all that funny money being printed around the world. No body would buy the paper stuff. Good news is that India may be back in a buying mood, however analysts say that even they cannot buy if the price remains above $900. Jewelry makes up a large part of the gold market, and India certainly buys its’ share of it for their brides. Their system might be easier than ours when it comes to supporting wives left behind by death or divorce….at least as long as the gold price is up. Unfortunately, there is nothing to prevent a husband from ever adding to their wife’s retirement plan, either, so what she has when she gets married is often all she ever has. She isn’t allowed to own anything else but jewelry, either. That’s right….no coins, just 21K gold jewelry or better.

While I am updating the website (oh, and there should be some stuff being published soon) I have once again come across many websites that would be of interest to you. Since google frowns on so many outbound links from my main site, I am thinking I will use the “info” domain to publish these on as a kind of catalog of information for you that you can visit to find information not on my site. There is a ton more information out there then there was when I started Hooked on Gold over three years ago. Also, I am splitting up pages and grouping them together, as in page 1, 2, 3 etc., off of their main page. These pages also have their own names so you can, hopefully, find the area you are interested in more quickly. Navigation is a top priority this year, so look for more navigation and deeper linking, and Cache Creek will get its’ own page this year.

I looked up my link to the Leadville Herald and saw an interesting post about the EPA and the proposed cleanup of OU6, the area to the east of town, which includes Stray Horse Gultch, and the upper and lower portions of Evan’s Gultch. It seems the EPA, at the Jan. 15th meeting in Denver, has decided that the present proposed remedy is not sustainable. One proposal is to cap and consolidate mine waste from the Makado, RAM, Pyranees, and Greenback mines, but the solution is unpopular due to the amount of negative effect it would have on the historic mining district. Up to now they have spent 6 years trying to find a viable solution to the area and have decided they must deal with the source to prevent the continued pollution. You can see the entire article at

As many of you know, Leadville was at the center of Colorado mining during the boom days, and the history of those old mines is fascinating. I read a book about some it this last fall that you might like. “Leadville: Colorado’s Magic City” by Edward Blair. It goes over a lot of the politics, strikes, early days, as well as the mining. A great winter read, and some wonderful old pictures. You can find it on Amazon or you could look it up in the search box on the Gold Library page on the website.

Did you know that google ads now have up and down arrows at the bottom of the ad box so you can scroll through all the ads they are presenting on a page? I didn’t until I saw someone do it recently.

I think I’m about done for today. I’ll be blogging this next week, so stay tuned to read what else I find online or in the news that has to do with gold.

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Here are a few links to DIY projects:
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Building a Banjo

Until next week…….

Good Prospecting to You,
Shirley (MQS)
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