Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Where is Gold Going This Year?

So, where do you suppose the price of gold is going this year? It's at 857.60 right now, off its' high of the day, but still not any where near its' low of last year. The pundits are still saying it could reach over $2,000 by years' end, but it usually ends up somewhere lower than its' predicted high.

Last year's predicted high was somewhere between $1,200 and $1,500, and it never did come close to either. I suspect it won't make the $2,200 I read earlier this week. However, the prospect for the metals are better than they have been for a while, and you should watch for oil to start going up from here. I am reading that the natural gas situation in Russia is heating up Europe, too. How long do you suppose the Europeans will wait for gas to be delivered from Russia during the winter?

I have more to report on, but wanted to get out a blog today before the whole day is gone. See you tomorrow. Are you making plans to get your gold prospecting equipment repaired for this next season? Arizona is looking good, but we probably will have to wait the winter out in Colorado. I know, I know, but SOMEBODY has to do it!

One side note here: Larry's Dad's memorial service was yesterday morning. (Seems a long time ago, now) We had a three man honor guard come from Ft. Carson to pay respects to a WWII veteran, and the ceremony was very nice. The family opted for no gun salute, though I have always liked that part. Lawrence William Weilnau will be long remembered. He is survived by his wife of 59 years, three siblings, three children, 5 grandchildren, three great grandchildren with one on the way, and numerous friends.
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