Saturday, July 25, 2009

Resolution of Issues at Cache Creek

I posted this today on the ning site, too, and rather than have to retype the information, I am going to just copy it for you here. I can't really make it better or different. Spelling probably will be better here, though, as I wrote this very early this morning. :>D

I am VERY happy to report to you this morning that the situation at Cache Creek this past week has been resolved without arrest or revocation of permit. I also want all of you to know that the BLM was very cooperative in sending a team to get this under control, going so far as to pull a ranger from Montrose to assist while the Canyon City field office ranger was unavailable. We want to thank them for their response.

The person in question was successfully contacted by Ranger Ted and other BLM department heads and was made to understand what violations he had made and what consequences there would be if he did not cease his line of belligerence. No matter what happens up there, assault is not OK. It is against criminal law and we still have the option to have this person arrested and prosecuted, so watch your conduct out there. This is not the wild wild west.

For any one's information, the distance from each other needs to be at least a shovel's length or ten feet. An 18 foot perimeter around you is unreasonable and BLM officers have said that no one may interfere with anyone else prospecting there that is doing so lawfully. The area is public land and any one has the same rights to digging in any spot as any one else. We will continue to respect, at minimum, the 10 foot rule and not digging in someones hole that has a bucket in it and shows up each day by noon to work that hole. Let me make it clear here, that we are not required to do this. We are trying to extend some common courtesy to all of you.

Only one highbanking permit is permited per person for the year and can be extended for an additional 10 days for a total of 20 days per season. On the KIOSK you will also see a regulation that says if your highbanker is set up and you do not run that day, you must count that day as a day used. We lost two days ourselves this past week on our permit dealing with storms and this situation. THRILLED that we lost a day to this mess!

Anyway, rest assured that the situation has been dealt with and this individual is now aware that BLM does know what is going on and that they are prepared to defend us and what we are doing. Also that we, under the hosting contract with GPOC, are under their federal employee umbrella for defense. We cannot control the bear, however, and all of you are on your own where it is concerned. LOL! Make sure you keep you food, toiletries, and anything that has scent under control at all times. You are in his backyard, not the other way around.

One other thing I would like to bring up is that BLM will be modifying the regulations this fall to deal with some new things that are coming up this summer. One will most probably deal with the number of days sluicers will be allowed to use the area. This is NOT an area to come in and mine all summer like a claim, monopolizing large areas that others should have equal access to.

Please help us bring a good experience to the hundreds of people who access this area.

Good Prospecting to You,
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