Sunday, July 05, 2009

Time Passes Quickly When You Are Finding Gold

Mountain Vistas in Gold Country!

It's July 5th. I am having a hard time believing that my last post here was on June 27th! I am online almost every day writing somewhere and answering questions, so if I have neglected you here, I am sorry.

Gold closed last Friday around $931.00 and it is at $929.60 now. The 4th of July weekend was quiet at Cache Creek, and we are looking at our second trip back home to pick up mail. That might not seem significant to you, but that means we have been away for almost a month, since the P.O. will only hold for 30 days. Our oldest son will be celebrating his 35th birthday this week, and the youngest is moving. Needless to say, this trip back will be very busy although short.

We have found gold most days we have looked, and with the Arkansas still near flood stage, Cache Creek and Point Bar are about all there is that can be worked right now. Lots of nice gold is still coming out regularly. Most days there is one highbanker to every 4 sluices at Cache Creek, and some days there are no 'bankers at all. Weather has been cool with rain most days, too. New signs have been placed by the BLM concerning trees as too many are being undercut and taken down. They also placed a piece of plexi glass on the permanent information side of the Kiosk so weather and wind doesn't send the papers flying all over the parking lot.

We had our water pump go out on the new UTV on Saturday, and we suspect it was damaged in the first place, as I could smell coolant and water vapor from the start. The impeller also does not turn, so we are looking at conversations with the shiper tomorrow morning to see what needs to be done. We are looking forward to some July sunshine, and then will probably complain about how hot it is. LOL! DID find some more old markers and got a better look at others that we have photographed before the pump went out. Until next time...

Good Prospecting to You,
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