Monday, October 26, 2009

New Claims at Point Bar

Hey all!

Bet you didn't thing you'd be hearing from me again so soon. LOL! Well, I have more information for you on the 4 gold mining claims that were filed at Point Bar in September. The first of them is up for sale on E-bay. Going price right now is $3300.00. I would imagine the other three will find their way there in the near future. The seller isn't mentioning anything about the irrigation ditch that has a right of way on the claim, just that it has about half a mile of river, and it only costs $25.00 a year to dredge it, along with some other nice things about it. You can find this page by searching E-bay for claims; I'm not going to link it out for you. You can probably bookmark this person and check back for the other three claims if you are interested in your own place to highbank or dredge for gold. Cheers!

Good Prospecting to You,
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