Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Prospecting Point Bar for Gold Gets Dicy

This is the sand bar west of the pit that we think is part of the Colorado State Recreation land

For those of you who have prospected and found gold at Point Bar in years past, you are aware that a large amount of area has remained open to the public for prospecting. This has been by design, and GPOC has tried to help in the BLM efforts to keep this area open for all.

This summer, all the open area was claimed by a person from Texas and is now closed to the public for prospecting. This does NOT include the pit and the access to the river from the pit. That area is State Land and is not claimable. However, this person did claim the State Land in error. There are 4/40 acre claims that have been filed from the bottom of Woody's claims to below the GPOC claim at Badger Creek. This is not something that can be unfiled or disallowed.

GPOC has refrained from claiming all of this area so that it could remain open for public prospecting. However, since the area was not removed from locatable mineral entry, the claims are valid and the public will have to stay off these claims in the future. The claimant should be putting up markers with the names 'Colorado Dream', 'Arkansas Gold Dream', 'Arkansas Dream Claim' and 'Ginger Girl'. Sorry folks. Your fun is over. Stick to the pit and the river access to it so you stay out of trouble. The site will be updated later this month with this info. All for now. More on other areas and information later this week.

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