Friday, April 09, 2010

Hooked on Gold Gazette 4/09/10

Easter Sunrise in Salida, Co.

• Gold Spot Closing Price for Friday: $1162.20

• Spot price last Gazette:     $1108.00
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Calendar of Events
• 1st Happy April Fool’s Day
• 2nd Good Friday
• 4th Easter
• 14th GPOC meeting
• 23rd – 25th Denver Gem, Mineral, and Fossil Spring Show

It’s not my fault! I TRIED to publish the Gazette last Friday/Saturday, but Google’s silliness for April Fool’s Day must have messed up bloggers interface. I was not able to publish anything. It kept giving me an error message that would not resolve or go away. So, I will attempt to publish this week, and try to find the time to put up wordpress. (sigh).

April. The sounds of birds and the smell of daffodils blooming are in the air. We have had our first 70 degree day and the air at times smells like freshly sun dried sheets. We did take off last weekend to investigate Fairplay (which still had about 8 inches of snow) and Salida. We found our first gold of the season, too, although not much. However, any gold is good gold. :>D The days would have been pleasantly warm if not for the 30 mph wind.

The news out of Point Bar changes regularly. Those who have been in the area report that there still are no markers, (nor did we find any) and I understand that a third revision of the claims there has been made. I’ll keep you posted as I get information. Point Bar is still getting some use and those in the area tell me the river has begun to rise. Looks like we are in for another long runoff season, so be careful near the water.

This weekend we are looking forward to some more prospecting closer to home so we can enjoy the warmer temps, not drive most of the weekend, sleep in our own bed without noisy neighbors keeping us awake all night, and still find some gold in our pans. That also means I’ll have pictures to publish here, on FB and twitter.

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Until next week…….

Good Prospecting to You,

Shirley (MQS)

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