Saturday, November 20, 2010

Hooked on Gold Gazette 11/20/2010

                                          Summer Camp in CORA at the end of the year


• Gold Spot Closing Price for Friday: $1354.50

• Spot price last Gazette : Somewhere around $1230.00


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Well, well. So, I am wondering this last week how I am ever going to get everyone caught up with all the news and info, and I remember the Gazette was one of the vehicles I use to do that. Funny, when you don’t use your tools for a while, how rusty they can become.

As usual, the price of gold is up more than it has been down. The last Gazette published in May shows it was over $1200 and now we see lots of days with the price over $1400.

As I have reported, the claims and open areas north of Buena Vista are closed to gold prospecting until the BLM has put into place a new plan for the area. In addition to this, the BLM is looking to require claim owners on all of the Arkansas River to self police their claims and leave BLM out of the enforcement of those areas. This isn’t a final on this issue, but they are strongly leaning to that side and GPOC is grappling now with how that would impact them and their liability on their Arkansas River claims.

In South Park, mine and claim owners are also having an ongoing issue with the U.S. Forest Service head. It seems that the attitude there is that if you don’t get the reports done, no one will fight you on it and you can shut down mining in the area very effectively. That department may find it a more difficult to do than they anticipated. There is word around that not just the small claim owners are unhappy.

The next order of business concerns the dredge piles on open space property in Breckenridge. We were finally able to meet with the open space people, and their decision on this matter was not to allow prospecting for gold,digging, panning, sluicing, or removal of material in the area. We have advised that they add signs to their already existing signs that address this issue so there is no confusion in the future.

With the Thanksgiving Holiday just around the corner, I’m going to keep this Gazette short. Getting back into the habit of sending this out each weekend is what was most important right now. We do hope you enjoy a wonderful Holiday Season and that you don’t fall asleep at the wheel driving home after all that pie and turkey. For those of you who do not celebrate Thanksgiving, we also wish you Happy Holidays and that this season finds you and yours happy and well.
As a last note, yesterday was our 39th wedding anniversary. Yes, friends, that means that Larry has put up with me for more than 40 years. I must have SOME redeeming qualities after all.

Have a great weekend. That’s it for me.

Until Next Week…..

Good Prospecting to You,

Shirley (MQS)

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