Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Local and National Governments take stand on Gold Prospecting in Colorado

Golden Aspen's changing near Fairplay, Colorado

October has come and gone, and there were so many things to catch up on before the Holidays begin, I have not taken time to chat with you.  There is so much information to share, I am having trouble knowing where to begin!  LOL!

With the mid term elections over with, perhaps we can, once again, learn how not to use the mute button on the remote while trying to watch the part of the news or any other program without it.  Many things we had decided simply not to watch so that we didn't have to constantly have a finger on the mute button.  I'm sure a lot of you feel the same way.

Have you been watching gold rise most of the Fall?  It sits at $1333.40 as I write.  Will it make $1500 before the end of the year?  My crystal ball isn't sure, but it is highly likely that it will.

November 3rd, and here in Denver we are still waiting for our first snow fall.  We did finally get a killing freeze a little before Halloween, and so, are now enjoying Indian Summer, and what a post season summer it has been!  Highs are in the 70's at least two days a week, and we should be looking at mid 50's and low 60's.  You know how much I LOVE summer, so I am happy that the good weather in holding.

News on gold prospecting in Colorado was not good at the end of the season.  The BLM, Washington Department of the Interior, has given orders to the Canyon City office to close all mining claims on the Arkansas in the Buena Vista area that are tied to the old dam project.  In fact, ALL prospecting in that area is forbidden until a new plan for the area can be worked out.  This will probably take most of the winter to accomplish, so we are looking at Spring before we will know any word on even the public areas. 

They will be confiscating equipment and no motorized vehicles will be allowed down the road.  It is strictly for hiking, biking and walking.  No camping is allowed in that area, either, until further notice.  Residents in the area have been up in arms over the claims and camping going on there for some time.  Apparently Washington's head of the Interior Department, has decided to uphold the old dam site claim from the 1890's and keep everyone out, thus ensuring the residents that they will continue to have their private hiking trails and river walks.  Funny thing, though.....that dam site area apparently was originally for hydraulic mining, and not water storage or hydroelectric power. 

We had an opportunity to meet with the Breckenridge Open Space people in October to open discussion about getting limited prospecting allowed on the dredge piles in the open space owned by both Breckenridge and Summit County.  The meeting was short and there was some discussion and questions about commercial mining or selling the gold found back to open space, but the committee decided to talk about their ability to monitor the activities if they were permitted.  A couple of weeks later we were contacted and informed that they would not be allowing this activity on the old dredge piles within the open space area.  We suggested that they put up signage letting people know that the activity is not being allowed and that they risk confiscation or ticketing if they come into the area for prospecting of any kind.  That also means rocks, people.  No rock hounding is ever allowed on open space anywhere unless specified by the group in control. 

Ok, that's enough for now.  New camp is closed for the winter and everything was put to bed about 4 weeks ago.  There have been three pesky bears breaking into campers on the upper mesa, but everything else has been pretty quiet.  We are settling into the holiday/winter routines and waiting for Spring and time to dig again.   Hope your Fall has been as nice as ours.  I'll have to be back to tell you about the last trip to Mt. Antero and our fossil dig at a friend's place east of Trinidad. 

Good Prospecting to You,
Shirley Weilnau
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