Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Escaping the Cold of the Colorado Winter to Arizona Gold

The stock market is making a move into positive territory again, so that probably means it will take a dive as profits get taken out of it.  Gold is not following it, however, but is still at a healthy $1755.00 this morning    .
We have escaped the Colorado winter for a few weeks by traveling to Arizona where temperatures are warmer, however, this year is quite a bit cooler than last year.  It is very dry here, and they did not get the rain they need in January, so the plants are suffering.

Even so, we are traveling around to a few old haunts and some new ones, as well.  Of interest to many of you will be the Tucson Show, Rose Creek, Cave Creek, Wickenburg Gold Show, and the Bisbee area.  I will take these one at a time so I can go into more detail.
Our first trip out was to Rose Creek, an old favorite, and there are many changes there even though the area looks pretty much the same.  The prospecting is still good with a few gold nuggets being found here and there.  The creek redeposits gold all along its' course with each gulley washing rain. 

It was about 38 degrees that day, so we did not stay too long.  However, we did get a look at the creek and diggings have taken the banks back about another 3 feet or so.  We did find a little gold dust, but did not try panning in our usual spot upstream a ways.  This area is open only to hand equipment and we will give it another shot on a warmer day before we head back to Colorado.

We were surprised by the number of people parked along the side of the road to access the area…and on a Tuesday!  I can only imagine what this looks like on the weekend.  We talked with several prospectors there, and they were from all over as well as locally. 

For those of you who will visit the snow bound mountains this summer, I do hope you are getting your equipment into shape now.  If you haven’t gone through your cons from last year, do it before Spring gets here or they could wait for another year for you to find out what is in them.  LOL!  I’ll give you a look at the Tucson show next as I have a lot of pictures to resize for it. 

Good Prospecting to You,
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