Saturday, April 28, 2012

More Information on Cache Creek

I have a short post for you today concerning Cache Creek regulations.  I am in the process of helping my Mother with some major medical problems that have kept me hopping since we returned from Arizona, and, also, from blogging.  Soon, that will be over and I will be able to share with you more often.

According to the BLM office in Canyon City, in addition to the ban on motorized equipment, no mechanized equipment of any kind will be allowed.  This will include anything with wheels, such as hand trucks, wagons, wheel barrows, zip lines, or anything that is not brought in or out by hand, nor can you use anything mechanized to assist you with extraction or processing of placer gravels. This may include anything battery operated, but I have not asked that question, specifically.  If you wish to use battery operated equipment, you will need to make sure you will be allowed to do that by contacting the BLM Canyon City office.

A call to the Salida Arkansas Headwaters office produced a different response, but that office is not authorized to do anything for the BLM but issue Arkansas River bonds for pumping water.  For any information on the Cache Creek area, you will need to contact the BLM Canyon City office directly, as the Salida office does not, and will not, have current information on the area.

We are enjoying a beautiful, warm Spring here in Colorado.  I hope you are finding gold where you are looking and we are looking forward to finding gold and prospecting for gold in Colorado.  Our time in Arizona was special and lots of fun.  I am considering starting a facebook page for Hooked on Gold to share more pictures and make commenting easier for those of  you who visit here.  I am thinking it might be a better way to restart the forum.  Let me know what you think, and as always,

Good Prospecting to You,
Shirley Weilnau
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