Thursday, May 31, 2012

Finding Gold in Colorado Update

June 1st is looming, and with it all of the summer fun we prospectors look forward to.  I am hearing that many are already in the water finding gold in Colorado, and run off looks to be a mild one this year for most of the state.

With my Mom on the mend, we are looking forward to our first weekend in the mountains in a few days. It will be a few more weeks before we can be there for the rest of the summer, however.  I am already missing the mountains stay and am beginning to feel trapped in the city.  

There are several changes in the areas open this year for prospecting for gold in Colorado.  Tin Pan Prospecting, in Fairplay/Alma, will be open on a very limited basis, only for dredging, and you will need to contact Chad directly for more information.

Vista Mining Adventures, on the Arkansas River, is once again open for all gold prospecting, except highbanking.  You can contact Phil Martinez, Sr., from their website for more information and pricing.

I see gold is up slightly this morning at $1568.60. Would love to see it at $2500, but that could be a stretch for this year.  This year could be interesting for the price of gold, though.  If it only increases as its' previous rate, it should top out about $2200.  Time will tell if it can rise to that level this year, however, there are predictions to the $2500 level, so watch the price if you are looking to sell gold this year.  An investment in GLD might be a good move right now, too, but consult your own brokers on that, and do your diligent homework on it if you have a mind to dabble in the stock market.  It is set up for you to lose.

Here is to a good prospecting season and good prospecting buddies.  May you have a great time this summer, and that you stay safe.  As always,

Good Prospecting to You,
Shirley Weilnau

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