Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Hooked on Gold Prospecting Blog template change, Mobile Ap and Google+

In case you think you are on the wrong blog, I DID change the template to my favorite color ORANGE! Yes, I know, you thought it would be GOLD, but, alas, ORANGE was my favorite color LONG before GOLD ever entered my life.

Why, you ask? Mainly because the links were hard to see and I have been thinking I should change templates so they are easier to see and follow.  I have also added Google+ to this page and have optimized it for mobile.  I am dealing with putting a mobile ap on the main website, too.  Hopefully, I will get through that today for you.

Hope you like the changes.  Please leave a comment for me on the change and any issues you might have with the ap. If this template is too 60's for you, I can always change to something else, but the mobile looked nice.  If you find it too hard to read or the color is too bold, let me know.  I will change it to whatever is easiest to read.  I would much rather you be pleased with reading the blog than that it be a color I like.

In the meantime, as always....

Good Prospecting to You,
Shirley Weilnau
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