Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Cache Creek Clash

I need your help. The BLM has a report from a prospector who drove all the way to the Pueblo office this week to report being run out of Cache Creek by someone with a gun. We need information on this incident, and the BLM is investigating.

People are not allowed to threaten each other with guns on public land. THIS IS NOT THE OLD WEST and everyone has the same rights to the digs as anyone else, regardless of who started or is working a hole. You cannot "run someone off" with a gun. It is a prosecutable offense. If any of you witnessed this event, answer this post with license plate number, color, make of vehicle, names of participants or anything else that can help us investigate this offense. The BLM will be onsite this week to talk to anyone in the area and to report the incident to the police. We simply cannot have this happening! While it is not illegal for you to carry a gun on public land, IT IS ILLEGAL FOR YOU TO THREATEN ANYONE WITH IT! Please help us with any information you have, or you stand a very good chance of losing this area for prospecting.
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