Sunday, July 13, 2008

Home with GOLD!

Two Weeks! Wow! Did that go by fast. Yes, we found gold, but it wasn't easy and we worked really hard for what we found. Cache Creek is packed with people this year, and the creek is still running twice the water it did last year. As run off winds down, I would imagine we will be back closer to the levels we had last year.

Got to run some dirt from a friends claim to find some mighty pretty yellow gold. Pictures will get posted this next week as they get downloaded, along with some of our "adventures". We see that gold finished this past week up aqt $964.60, so everyone should be happy, right? Only a little over two weeks until the Colorado State Gold Panning Championships in Breckenridge, August 1st through the 3rd. Y'all come. Spend a day in Breckenridge, and then one in Leadville for "Boom Days".

Good Prospcting to You.
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