Thursday, July 24, 2008

Gold n Store @ hookedongold

I have several more posts to make about our last trip, but the past few days I have had to turn my attention to the Gold n Store page. The size of the page developed a fatal error and crashed shortly before we went on vacation. Sadly, the page has not been available since then, nor the links to it.

I am putting the page back together with smaller icon pictures and a very short description with the pictures linking to the long description pages. This is going to take some time as the last "fix" to the website omitted several pages that will have to be reworked, as well as duplicating a bunch of others. The site is getting too big even for my tech to handle, sometimes. I have published the first page and it is only available from the home page right now, until I get the bugs worked out. Some pictures do not show, which is a mystery since they were in the original images file. Oh, well. I have some work to do before we leave again, so hang in there with me while I get it all back up and running.

You will find four new Auction pages under the Auctions menu link. It will take you to a page with gold nuggets for auction on it, (At least that's what the search term is for) with three more links at the top of the page to the other three auctions. The page links will tell you what you will find in the auction, and you can also search for anything else on auction in the search box. Have fun!

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