Tuesday, December 09, 2008

BRRRR It's Cold "Out There!

It is snowing here in Denver, and we have about 6 inches on the ground. We hear that south of us, they will get a bit more, and the mountains are happy to be getting even MORE snow for the ski areas. Since we have been in a long protracted drought, the snow is GOLDEN for us, so we are not too unhappy about it. We should be out of it by this afternoon with sun and warmth into the 50's returning until Sunday.

Unfortunately for us, we had planned an early Christmas get together with those of us who will not be in Colorado on Christmas, so that is now up in the air. Saturday probably is not doable with all the schedules, so we may have to postpone it. Last year we drove home in near blizzard conditions on Christmas Day from Greeley.

Did you ask Santa for some gold for Christmas? Sure hope so, and I also hope you GET your wish! Now, that does not have to be raw gold, but gold jewelry also makes a very nice gift. I have noticed many jewelry stores with moving or going out of business sales, so make sure you add to your stash this Christmas. I snagged a pair of small diamond studs in gold for my upper ear holes. (Those of you who know me, know that I wear three earrings in each ear, AND I have metal alergies to nickel, so no cheap jewelry for me!). How about some panning sand to play with on those long winter days?

Watch after the first of the year for a return of the gold facts page onsite. Not sure I will start up the contest again, as my supply of Mad Muther gold has gotten pretty low, but I'll address that after the Holidays when things slow back down.

Stay warm today if you are in the grips of winter, and if not what are you doing sitting here reading this?! Get out and FIND SOME GOLD!!!

Good Prospecting to You,

Shirley Weilnau



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