Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Wishes for a Golden Holiday

Christmas Cards in your mail! Golden Christmas Wishes from family and friends.

Gold is off its' high from this morning, but still looking at $854.50 right now. Have you gotten those Christmas Cards out yet? Me, I sent out e-Christmas cards to my e-mail friends and family. You would think this would be easier than sending through the mail, but it took about the same amount of time, what with getting addresses into the site, and all. Tried to upload a cvs file, but my program, for whatever reason, would not produce said file. SOOOO, I had to input them all by hand. However, now that they are there, it is a simple check and click to get the address where I want it, find the right card to send, put in my 'special' message and 'click' it gets delivered. A LOT more fun for me and the recipient than the regular mail delivered card. And its 'green'. Nothing to landfill. That should make everyone happy and prove that I'm not out to destroy the planet, right? Actually, I did it because the card selections were so much better than what I could send in the mail and a lot more fun. So far, I have others who like the idea so much, they are also considering sending e-Christmas Cards, too.

We are still in the deep freeze, although we did get into the 30's today for a few hours. More cold and snow on the way, but the long range charts are showing sun and a temp. of around 50 for Christmas Day. The mountains are getting their fill of snow, with up to 36 inches falling today. That could mean lots of snowmelt this next spring to bring more gold out of hiding for us to find. We love finding gold, so the more snow we get in the mountains, the better we like it. Those who get stranded on the highways are not so happy, though.

I panned out all of my gold from the 'vial' of cons and gold I won at the GPOC Christmas Party last week. 11 very nice pieces and a permanent, indestructible gold vial to put stuff in, too. They used the plastic bullets used for making liter bottles when they are blown full of air.

I'm catching up on my reading and I've found some interesting information on gold to share with you later this week. Hope your getting all that Christmas Shopping finished....Larry says he still has to do some more. HMMM. We had our Christmas with our kids last weekend. I wonder what he's up to.

Hug your Loved Ones and have a Merry Christmas,
Shirley Weilnau
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