Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Future Gold Prices and Twittering

Blogging is changing. There are so many new plug ins you can use to update a blog, it isn't really necessary to actually log into a blog to post to it.

Today, I am logging in to leave a link to a page about what future gold prices might be doing that I twittered about earlier. Twitter has allowed me to bring you more timely news about gold as I find it. In 140 charachers, I can twitter away all day to you about what I am reading and my comments post directly to this blog and facebook. When you come to this page, make sure you look at the left hand column to see what I have been twittering about. Most of it is about gold, but you will find some other items I have to post, too. I LOVE twitter! It has given me an opportunity to bring news to you as I find it. I KNOW I'll be using it a lot more this summer, too.

Here's an interesting link to an article about the price of gold. If you aren't watching the spot price of gold today, it is sitting at $981.50 now. Twitter gives me an opportunity to tell you about that as it happens, too. Have a great day, everyone!
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