Friday, February 06, 2009

HookedonGold Gazette 02/06/09

This is just that big son of a gun from the Denver Gem and Mineral show last September, and I just like it.

· Gold Spot Closing Price for Friday: $911.40
· Spot price last Gazette: $927.10

Calendar of Events
· 2nd Groundhog Day
· 5th – 13th TUCSON Show (boy do we wish we could be there!)
· 11th GPOC Regular Meeting 7:00 p.m.
· 12th Lincoln’s B.D.
· 14th VALENTINES DAY Remember your honey today!
· 22nd Washington’s B.D.
· 25th Ash Wednesday

8th Daylight Savings Time begins
11th GPOC Regular Meeting 7:00p.m.
17th St. Patrick’s Day
20th Spring Equinox

I’ve had a few minutes this past week to actually read some of the back issues of some of magazines we get. One that caught my eye was a report about the Washington State small scale mining regulations that have been fought about for years, now. I won’t go back into the background on this issue, as I have been reporting on it for a long time, but dredgers in Washington State have been hopeful that new regulations would be simplified and that any regulations imposed would be backed by sound science. Their hopes were in vain as a new 92 page regulation booklet will have more restrictions than before, including a ban on dredging in June and July because there “might” be fish eggs still in the gravels after spawning season ends. (Oh, and by the way, they are required to carry this regulation booklet on their person at all times while they are prospecting.)

This goes hand in hand with what I am reading and hearing about governmental opinions on the impacts of small miners and whether their activities have to be tolerated by officials. Your activities are quite likely to come under ever more restrictions, and keeping up with what is going on about regulations is going to be in your own best interest. Those of us who live in states that bear gold will need the cooperation of those who visit, or we could very well lose our rights to prospect for gold, metals or gemstones in the near future.

Another story I have written about here is the ongoing saga of the Odyssey Marine, a treasure seeking vessel that has, again, found another sunken ship with gold treasure, this time off the coast of England. As you remember, the last one they found was off the coast of Spain and they are still in court over who has rights to the gold found onboard.

Now, it seems, they have found HMS Victory, sunk in 1744 with all 1150 hands aboard and over 4 tons of Portuguese gold in its hold. Naturally, Britain claims the ship, Portugal the gold, and the Odyssey is saying “finders keepers”. Should be another fun time in court for them. I wonder how long it will be before any of this gets settled.

Yesterday, Goldman Sachs raised its’ forecast on the price of gold for the next three months. It is expecting the metal to reach $1,000 due to larger than expected demand, $300 higher than its’ previous prediction of $700. Just goes to show you, even the best are sometimes fooled about what is going on. LOL!

Well, my time is up and so I will leave you with an interesting story I found on my tweetdeck this morning. It concerns absolutely everything in your life because it is written about the stimulus package before congress right now. The author made some comments I thought you might like to read about. You can find it at if you like, and if not I’ll just bid you Good Prospecting.

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Until next week…….

Good Prospecting to You,
Shirley (MQS)
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