Friday, February 20, 2009

HookedonGold Gazette 2/20/09

OOHH! Is THAT my part of the stimulus package?

· Gold Spot Closing Price for Friday: $993.20
· Spot price last Gazette: $941.60

Calendar of Events
· 2nd Groundhog Day
· 5th – 13th TUCSON Show (boy do we wish we could be there!)
· 11th GPOC Regular Meeting 7:00 p.m.
· 12th Lincoln’s B.D.
· 14th VALENTINES DAY Remember your honey today!
· 22nd Washington’s B.D.
· 25th Ash Wednesday
· 27th – March 1st Jeffco Jewelry, Gem and Mineral Show at the Jeffco Fairgrounds

8th Daylight Savings Time begins
11th GPOC Regular Meeting 7:00p.m.
17th St. Patrick’s Day
20th Spring Equinox

The requests for information on this year’s gold prospecting season in Colorado have started to come in with people wanting to know if they can access places soon. Sorry, people, but U.S. Forest gates are not opened until Memorial Day. However, you are allowed to hike into these areas if you want to. Be advised, though, that the mountains have between 120% and 175% of average snowpack right now, and March and April are our snowiest months. April 1st will open the Arkansas River drainage to motorized equipment; just be advised that the Cache Creek road will not be open that early, and the amount of snow that could be in the areas above Salida.

Busy week on twitter. If you aren’t following me on twitter, you are missing information on a lot of different things! Gold is the important one for me, but I retweet some info on a variety of subjects. The facebook TOS information was viral on twitter, and I follow a couple of really good gold sites I found there.

I got cards today about the Annual Jeffco Jewelry, Gem and Mineral Show at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds February 27th through March 1st. We always find interesting things there, and some GOLD, too. Mentioning gold reminds me that the spot price has been mostly up this week. I hear it has been a very busy week on trading it, too. A lot of flight is going into gold right now; coins and jewelry at the top of the list. Gold bars aren’t really available to investors, so they buy up what is available, and, as I reported last week, there isn’t that much of it around, either. If this continues, gold prices will go up very quickly. Right now, we are watching the price to breach $1008, which will propel it to around the $1038 range. Silver took a huge jump this past week, and platinum continues to trade around $100 above gold.

I found an interesting article on gold and platinum concerning the conversion of hydrogen and oxygen into H2O2. You can read about it HERE. Interesting read on another reason why the modern world needs gold.

I came across a great blog on treasure hunting I think you will like. The Okietresurehunter has some interesting links and things to say about gold and some of the lost places it has been found and not rediscovered. I really enjoyed this blog.

The bailout program has been all over the web this past week, but I particularly didn’t like what GM is planning to do with their share of the money. I thought this was about saving and creating jobs, but apparently GM thinks they should take the money and run to Brazil where they are building a plant. All thos UAW jobs are literally “going south”. No wonder the UAW is strumping in the west so hard to convert our workers to unions. Anyway, you can read it for yourself, and BTW, this plant has been under construction for a while. Your bailout money at work. ;-)

That’s it for today; short and sweet. Hope the winter is treating you well!
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Until next week…….

Good Prospecting to You,
Shirley (MQS)
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