Saturday, May 09, 2009

Let's Go Gold Panning Days

Working the Gold Pans at Point Bar -
What came out of 3/4 of a bucket with two pans

Our first day at Let's Go Gold Panning Days was good. The windy was pesky, but we pulled enough fine gold from the pit to cover the bottom of a vial. :>D We got to the GPOC camp too late to set up the highbanker, so we dug about 6 3/4 buckets and panned them at the river. The picture above shows what came out of one of those buckets.

We did eat dirt all day, as the wind kicked up all afternoon, but the weather was sunny and warm enough to get my feet in the river. We will have more time today to take more pictures, so stay tuned tomorrow for day two.

Gold closed yesterday at $916.20 and had a very nice rise over last week. I missed John Gregory's 150th anniversary of his discovery of gold in the Blackhawk area on May 6th, but I did find a nice article on it you can read at the link.

Good Prospecting to You,
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